Terms of Office

The term of office for elected Managers is 4 years, who remain in office
a) They cease to be a Registered Dental Practitioner; or
b) They resign as a Board Manager; or
c) They become an ex- officio member; or
d) Their 4-year Term of Office ends.
By definition, ex-officio members of the Board remain as Managers only
whilst they hold their respective office in the GDPC or Annual Conference
of LDCs.

Any Board Manager who ceases to be an elected GDPC or LDC member
should notify the Board Secretary, who will report the change in
circumstances at the next meeting of the Board and will record the
change in the minutes. The ex-officio members will be able to report
these changes to their respective committees.
The Secretary will submit annually a list of Board Managers to the BDA
secretariat, detailing the term of office of each member and indicating
which Manager’s term of office is shortly due to end. All Managers are
eligible for re-election.