The Board normally meets on the 2nd or 3rd Friday in April and October, but
additional meetings may be arranged as required.
Meetings are normally held at BDA Headquarters in Wimpole Street,
London, but may be held “virtually” using relevant computer software,
from time to time.
All meetings are held in accordance with the Standing Orders.

Officers of the BDG are elected annually, at the first meeting of the Board
after the Annual Conference of LDCs, and comprise a Chairman, Vice-
Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer are not
required to be elected Managers, and they receive an Honorarium.
* The Trustees are also invited to attend Board meetings, in an
advisory capacity.
* Only elected or ex-officio members can vote.
* A quorum for a Board meeting is six, being either elected members,
or a combination of elected and ex-officio members, in accordance
with the Trust Deed.
* The Auditor is also invited to a Board meeting at least once a year.

Travel expenses are reimbursed (subject the rules of the Board) and
elected, ex-officio members, and Trustees may receive an attendance
allowance for Board meetings, all as determined from time-to-time by the