Guild Members


The position of Chairman is ratified through an annual election and the
Term of Office is for one year; it does not preclude re-election. The
Chairman does not receive an honorarium but can claim for
sessional/teleconference/travel expenses for face to face or virtual
The Chairman’s role is principally to chair the two main meetings held
annually and any extra incidental meetings that may be held from time to
time, where circumstances direct that consideration of Guild business or
governance (the Deed of Trust) requires urgent attention. It is expected
that the Chairman will always respond in a timely manner to direct contact
from the Secretary and/or Treasurer of the Guild when matters of
importance are aired between meetings.

The Chairman prepares a Report to the Board of Management at each
main meeting and may also provide summary reports to GDPC meetings
that are disseminated to Local Dental Committees.
BDG Managers’ Handbook Page 7 of 8
The Chairman may be called upon to address the Annual Conference of
LDCs and LDC Officials’ Day and to help prepare any relevant flyers or
newsletters provided to representatives of the profession at these two events.


The Secretary is also elected annually by the Managers and is responsible
for the business of the Board and acts as Secretary to the Board. As such,
the Secretary arranges all Board Meetings, records the minutes and acts
under the direction of the Board.
The Secretary prepares a list of the details of all Board Managers which is
circulated to Board Members. The names and addresses of the members
are supplied to the Portfolio Managers, so that their reports can be sent to them.


The Treasurer is also elected annually by the Managers and is responsible
for all matters financial within the Guild.
The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt and acknowledgement of
donations from LDCs, making payments to the office bearers of GDPC,
the expenses of the Board of Managers, and receiving and paying claims
from members of GDPC for their work on sub-committees.
Payment is either on a sessional (half day) rate for attending a GDPC
approved meeting or hourly for teleconferences. The officers of the GDPC
receive an honorarium to reflect the additional time that their positions incur.

The Treasurer also has the responsibility of paying both PAYE and
Corporation taxes. The majority of payments are made electronically by
the Treasurer. In addition, the Treasurer draws up the annual accounts
and liaises with the Guild’s auditors for any matters pertaining to those
Annually, the Treasurer presents the audited accounts to the Board of
Managers and Trustees. Following discussion and ratification by the
Managers, the Treasurer sets the Guild Rate for the following year.

The Treasurer also reviews and, if necessary, amends the BDG claim form.
It is customary for the Treasurer to address the Annual Conference of
LDCs and also the first meeting of the GDPC Triennium, to keep them
updated on matters relating to the BDG.