About Us

The British Dental Guild (BDG), originally set up in January 1957, financially
assists the GDPC members who undertake subcommittees and
representative work (outside of the main GDPC meetings) on behalf of
dentists in general dental practice. It is funded principally by donations from
Local Dental Committees (LDCs) and also by monies raised from its
The BDG operates under a Declaration of Trust (“Trust Deed”) which gives
additional information on the procedures the Board must follow. It is a “notfor-
profit” organisation, under the care of the Trustees.

The active management of the fund is undertaken by a Board of
Management which is made up of 8 elected Managers:
1) Four elected from the GDPC
2) Four elected from the Annual Conference of Local Dental Committees
(LDCs) and the following 3 ex-officio members:
* The Chairman of the GDPC
*The Chairman of the Annual Conference of LDCs
* The Chair-Elect of the Annual Conference of LDCs

The Trust Deed directs that all Board Managers shall be (GDC) Registered
Dental Practitioners.
There is no other specific qualifying requirement imposed on a Registered
Dental Practitioner who fulfils the position of Manager but given the role of
the BDG, a thorough understanding of general dental practice is desirable,
both in the NHS and in private practice (including specialist dentistry), as
the GDPC represents all dentists.